2. Night and Day in Galway

Galway, ireland

During that short November west-east coast journey across my beloved Emerald Island, we only spent one full day in what I call the “real” Galway. The town is small and magnificently surrounded by nature. It is very tempting to plan a trip to one of the Aran Islands or to Connemara, or to the Cliffs of Moher. And if during the day one keeps busy outside the city gates, Galway definitely owns the night. The most difficult part is to choose which bar to go to, but the choice can be simply a matter of musical tastes. Alalé plays traditional music on Wednesdays at ‘The Spanish Arch’, a lure not to be missed. ‘The Quays’ is another place where one would be strongly advised to enjoy some time and at least one Guinness. This two-storey pub built after the model of a French medieval church is constantly filled with people from all the corners of the world, the live band plays varied music and chances are one spends a great moment of ‘craic’ to remember for a very long time. Those were the Galway nights…

Back to daylight, we strolled along the Bay and spent some time and some camera shots on the white swans which graciously reigned over their territory. We were lucky to share some very relaxing moments under the timid rays of sun. We went forth, visited the Cathedral, and attended the Christmas market. Team work was necessary to help Kim pick out some eight-odd charm beads to make a bracelet she wanted to have. I remember my limbs were painfully frozen. Fortunately, one does not recall the pain…

Galway, irelandGalway, ireland


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