4. Dddd Dublin!

Dublin, IrelandIn Dublin things just kept being fun (I should probably mention that when I am dead beat I find everything incredibly funny). Two wasted luggage-dragging mechanisms we were in those streets, Kim and I, our minds set on finding our hostel and a bed to rest on asap. Yet finding the address of the hostel turned out to be an intricate matter that we weren’t able to handle alone. So we found ourselves a Good Samaritan to put us on the right track.

The above-mentioned, a lady, was at first not quite sure of her directions. This ought to have alerted us a bit, had our brains not been atrophied because of the fatigue. Still, our direction-giver got motivated to do her best and eventually made sure we went her way. So we mounted a street with completely wrong numbers for a very wrong number of miles and for a disturbingly wrong amount of time until, having by then lost our ability to feel our arms and feet, we realized we had been walking the wrong lane. Up on the bloody hill, we started to panic at the idea that we now had to do all the way back. We also prayed, in the name of civilized behaviour, that the well-intentioned lady who had so gently steered us away from the right path did not cross our way.

But then there was the hostel and the nice concierge whom we had to bother every now and then because the card to our room would not work. There was the perspective of shorts nights in Dublin (aren’t they all so?), there was good food, wine and good chat. Next came “The Quays” (Dublin hosts one as well), and the laughing and the Bulmers, the singing and after all that, again, the difficulty to find our way back to the hostel. For different reasons than previously, though.

I think we did manage to wake everybody up this time, because the hall leading to our bunk beds was soooo long, and it was sooo dark inside and straight walking sooo complicated. I remember Kim having a hard time climbing on the top bed, so I think I had to push her. Anyways, we eventually found a place to fit in. We woke up with injected eyes way too early in the morning, yet all smiles: we were leaving for a one-day trip to the Wicklow Mountains.

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