Welcome to my blog. Explorer of the Everyday? That’s me, Silvia Martin.IMG_4224
This blog is where I put into practice my passions: travelling and sharing my experiences through words and photography. Occasionally, this is also where I write about books, movies, anything that inspired me at a certain moment in time, really. You’ll notice that I am big animal and nature lover – most of my destinations involve jungles and wildlife.

I believe in discovery and learning. I think travel is a great means to shape a human’s personality. I also think every single day, whether I am on the road or not, teaches me something. A quote I read, an ad that catches my eye, an encounter, a conversation, coffee, moon, sunshine or rain…Turns out everything can be a source of inspiration if you look in the right places.

I find it hard to describe myself (without making one big story, that is). An expat? A European? A writer? A wannabe? But there’s this interview I gave to Internations – a community for expats –  and even if it was a long time ago, I still think it says more about myself than I could ever say.

Hopefully you shall find this blog inspiring and informative. If you wish to have more practical information about one destination or the other, please feel free to ask me. I’m always happy to offer guidance. Thanks for reading me!



I graduated from the University of Liège (Belgium) with a Master’s Degree in Germanic Languages. Aside from blogging, I worked as a Copywriter and Marketing Manager for companies like Toyota and Siemens. I self-published my dissertation – you can buy it here in Kindle version – about black identity and double-consciousness, a thoughtful research which cemented my passion for post-colonial literature.


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