The spark that set the fire in South Africa – in We Said Go Travel magazine

At the beginning, it was a wild dream. South Africa revealed to me at first through the accounts of travellers or adventure novels I would read late into the night. It seemed a mystic land, a place like no other and, at that time for me, completely out of reach. I was not yet aContinue reading “The spark that set the fire in South Africa – in We Said Go Travel magazine”

Kissed by the Sun: Travel in Sicily – in Go World Travel Magazine

Sicily never ranked high on my travel list. But on a rainy day in the middle of Belgian October, it promised to be a great gateway from work and city life, with sun, sea and blue sky. Also good food and amazing landscape all waiting to be enjoyed. All at an affordable price. Ryanair tookContinue reading “Kissed by the Sun: Travel in Sicily – in Go World Travel Magazine”

India is not for sissies

“You have to go to India. Once.” The man next to me, a travel companion, laughs devilishly as he says this to me, as if he is sending me straight to hell. When I announced that I was going to travel to India, another far-away friend typed back: “India? What’s happening? Sick of order, silence andContinue reading “India is not for sissies”

Love Letter to South Africa

Who would have thought that I’d fall in love with a country? A place that is not mine by birth, a foreign land. Someone once drew the contour of the South African map for me on a wall and years later I found my way to it. Nor have I ever thought that I would endContinue reading “Love Letter to South Africa”

Travel solo, but take a book

Few days back I found myself walking again under –this time – the lighter weight of a familiar load: my blue backpack. Slightly absent minded yet ready to get carried away towards my destination by a habitual combination of metro, bus and plane, something occurred to me for the too many-eth time: I literally startedContinue reading “Travel solo, but take a book”

The Lisboa Experience

Lisbon is destined to be a very lovable city. To begin with, it has an exquisite geographical position: it is the only European capital set along the Atlantic coast. Summer there lasts for about six months and the average temperature in the coldest months of winter is +/- 15°C. This alone won my heart completely.Continue reading “The Lisboa Experience”

Venezia – Of Land & Water

I don’t remember to have ever made Venice a priority on my see-the-whole-world list. The rumours that the city was in reality not as charming as its fame went and that the water stank might have subconsciously put me off. Or was it the clichéd image of lovers cobwebbing the city and proclaiming to be madly in loveContinue reading “Venezia – Of Land & Water”

Bad Company in Campania

Some journeys are just longer. To others, there’s simply no end. My thoughts exactly as our train halts for the third time in the last three hours in a station which is still not our final destination. I am steaming, sweating, perhaps also swearing on a train in Italy, somewhere between Rome and Ariano Irpino. ChanceContinue reading “Bad Company in Campania”

Deromanticizing Rome

I went to Italy, scene of ancient battles, gladiators and perverted pleasures – so delightfully reproduced in movies and TV series (if you think “Rome”, there sure is a lot of reproduction going on) – four days after the 4-0 defeat of the Italian football team by the Spaniards (remember, Russell Crowe in “The Gladiator”Continue reading “Deromanticizing Rome”